Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair Review

Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair Review

The bean bag chair is a fun way to add more pep to any room in your home or apartment. It will wonderfully serve its purpose in the family room, the basement or the bedroom. It can be stored easily in the cabinet or closet and taken out in case friends and relatives come over.

The bean bag chair is one of the cosiest and most comfortable furniture one can sit on which is why such products sell well with consumers. However not all bean bag chairs are one and the same and they still differ in terms of design, size, pattern and features.

Always keep in mind to seek one that will best fit your needs. If you have difficulties choosing one due to the many brands and products available in the market, reviews are an easy way to distinguish the best among the bunch. Here is a review of the Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair.

Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair Features

  • Made with durable, water-resistant SmartMax fabric
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and can be moved easily
  • Comes with double-stitched covers
  • Includes 2 safety lock zippers
  • Packed with UltimaX beans which conform to user’s body
  • Has refillable covers (refills sold separately)
  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Measures 46 x 58 x 12 inches
  • Made in the USA


The Big Joe Original bean bag chair is a product that is very versatile. The bean bag comes with a sturdy material called SuperMax fabric. It is a type of textile that is made with stain-resistant and water-resistant properties hence when it comes to durability and maintenance, this one takes the cake.

Due to its stain-resisting qualities, any spots or spills that happen can be taken away with ease by means of a moist, clean cloth. In addition, the SuperMax fabric is designed to be durable so it can effectively hold and contain the beans inside.

The beans that the chair contains are called UltimaX beans. These bean fillers provide a soft, comfortable spongy feel to its users so people can be offered the comfort and ease they are after. The material has a distinctive design so it can effectively retain its contents. The bag also comes with double stitching in order to further offer security and safety. Even with frequent usage, this bean bag chair will stay strong and whole.

While its weight-bearing ability is quite excellent, it can only hold one person. The model has a double zipper for added safety and its fillings can also be recycled and changed with ease. When it comes to durability, this one has it in spades. The chair also features a striking appearance and it will provide a nice accent to any spot inside your home.

Due to the cuddly and spongy looks of this chair, plenty of kids will appreciate it. It is built with different uses and features and it can be employed as a bed or couch other than being a chair. This model comes in a good range of colors too so you can get one that will suit the interior of your home.

All in all, what makes this product effective is that it is designed to be water and stain-resistant which gives it points for being low maintenance. It is quite durable, with prime construction and has double stitching too in order to add strength to the product. Moreover, it contains two important factors: its SuperMax fabric and UltimaX bean fillings.


The Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair does all the good things that a bean bag chair has to do and it excels in many aspects. However, it did emit a rather chemical smell after opening the package. The smell disappears after a few uses though.

This will still prove as a disadvantage for the more sensitive consumer or for those who are cautious with materials and product composition. This warning goes out to those get a reaction for harsh smells or are simply averse to these factors.


Bean bags add many perks to a room. If you are after a contemporary look, bean bags are something you should consider, like the Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair. It comes in a great selection of bright colors which will provide a decorative feel to your home. It has excellent fabric and offers users the comfort they need. It is quite secure and deftly-constructed too, so no beans or filling will escape out of the bag.

If you are after a bean bag chair that offers nothing but comfort and a supple experience with the durability that will allow it to provide users service for years to come, this model from Big Joe is worth the splurge. Add bean bags in your home right away and place them in family rooms, basements, the bedroom or your entertainment room.

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