Flash Furniture Small Bean Bag Chair Review

Flash Furniture Small Bean Bag Chair Review

Bean bags made for children’s use offer a range of benefits apart from providing kids seating. Parents who want functional furniture for their children should take into consideration investing on quality bean bag chairs.

Whether you have a teenager or a toddler, a great bean bag will help make your kid’s room interesting and a nice place to hang out, rest and get into their favorite activities. To make your search for quality bean bags easier, we have here a review of the Flash Furniture Small Solid Navy Blue Kids Bean Bag Chair. Read on for more information about the product.

Flash Furniture Small Bean Bag Chair Features

  • Designed for children’s use
  • Comes with lightweight, portable design
  • Includes cotton twill upholstery
  • Can be spot-cleaned with moist, clean cloth
  • Has removable and machine washable slipcover


Flash Furniture’s Small Solid Navy Blue bean bag chair is a product that is intended for children’s use. Because of its particular design, it has a selection of features that will maintain the safety of kids. It comes with a strong, durable fabric that won’t easily succumb to ripping and it can be expanded without hassle so kids can take advantage of its benefits.

The material for this product is designed to be stain and water-resistant. Because of these properties, cleanup and maintenance are made a lot easier. Sudden spills and stains can be wiped effortlessly with a damp cloth. Because it can be spot-cleaned, its quality and appearance will be retained for a longer period of time.

The foam material that comes with the bean bag is quite efficient as well and it provides a soft, ultra-comfortable experience for children. The foam has excellent quality and it can be taken away and changed straight away from the textile. Moreover, the foam kept inside is quite lightweight so it weighs less and is easy to move about even without the help of adults.

The bean bag also comes with a slip cover in order to accommodate and hold its user. This slip cover can be taken off whenever required. Children can also make use of the item in different positions based on their preferences. The model is quite handy so kids can take it from any spot in the room or house.

The bean bag chair comes with a zipper option too and is built with safety features so children will never experience accidents while using the item. The stitching done and zipper provided on the chair are sturdy and durable for further safety and allow the whole ensemble to last for a long time.

Children need a bean bag chair because it allows them to experience new surfaces and consistencies. These bags are safe enough for kids to dash and jump onto softer landing spots. It provides a spot for kids to relax and rest comfortably. It can also encourage reading and learning so if you prioritize education, bean bags are a great way for kids to inspire them to hit the books and study.

It makes for a cozy spot to read. Children can position their bodies for all-out comfort so their minds are relaxed and welcome to learn. Bean bag chairs also stimulate excellent posture and get rid of back and neck strain.

Because of the wide availability of colors and patterns for bean bag chairs, they are wonderful items that can add some perk and liveliness to any room. Bean bag chairs come in colorful and fun designs that will easily endear them to young children and teens.

Because of their cuddly, bright and soft appearance, parents won’t have to be embarrassed whenever their kids drag the bean bag chairs in the living room whenever friends and family drop by.


The Small Solid Navy Blue Kids bean bag chair has its great list of advantages however it did display a few setbacks. For its price, the zipper should have had more quality. A fair few remarked at how flimsy the zipper felt and that it would get stuck from time to time.

Furthermore, some might be disappointed with the kind of foam used in the chair. Compared to other brands within its range, its construction does not feel as sturdy or as firm as you would expect it to feel. While the materials itself can hold up to regular use, it could do with a few improvements.


The Flash Furniture Small Solid Navy Blue Kids Bean Bag Chair is a great product for kids. It is lightweight and it comes with quality materials and a slip cover. Even though the zipper requires some improvement, it is still a decent product for parents to buy for their children due to the comfort it provides. This has proven to be a reliable product that’s worthy of recommendation.

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