How To Refill Bean Bag

How To Refill Bean Bag

For anyone who owns a bean bag chair, there are numerous times that you will have to refill the chair. Today we are going to be giving you an outline on how to refill your bean bag properly in order to ensure comfort!

There are numerous ways that you can refill a bean bag chair, and almost all of them are available online. If you are having any difficulty, we recommend going to YouTube and watching someone do it themselves, as the visual will definitely help you a lot.

Useful Steps on How to Refill Bean Bag

That being said, the method listed below is our favourite one to use for refilling a bean bag chair, and we think it is also one of the easiest. Follow it through step by step, and you will get the hang of it in no time.

Step 1: How Much Filling You Need

Before you even start filling, it is crucial that you find out the amount of filling you need in your chair. If you fill it too much, the chair will be very rigid, and could even pop and ruin your chair. If there is too little of the filling, it is going to be uncomfortable and not have enough support.

For many cases, on the chair itself should be a label describing how much filling is needed. Usually this label will tell you either the weight, or the volume you need, depending on the brand. If you cannot find it, either search for the brand of the chair you have or call their customer service.

Once you determine how much filling is needed, go out and order that amount. We always recommend getting a bit more than you need in case there is any spilling.

Step 2: Filling The Chair

We always recommend that you fill the chair with a friend who can help you. Doing this by yourself can be quite difficult, and having a family member there to hold either the bag or fill the bag is going to be a huge blessing. Have someone hold the bean bag cover open, making it easier to fill the cover. Simply dump in the beans, after measuring them, until they reach the perfect capacity.

To ensure ease of filling, we recommend that you get a funnel and dump the beans into the funnel instead of directly into the chair. This can save you a lot of time, and will decrease the amount of beans that end up on the floor. If you do not have a funnel on hand, we recommend rolling up a sheet of paper and placing it in the opening of the empty case. Use that paper to pour the beans in.

As you are pouring the filling into the bag, continue to shake the bag a bit, so that they all spread out. This will let you keep track of how much more has to be added. Once the capacity is reached, close the cover and prepare for Step 3.

Step 3: Testing The Chair Out

When the bag seems full, and you think it is ready, close it up properly. The closing technique varies per bag, so just ensure that it is closed all the way to avoid a huge mess. In order to test it out DO NOT put your whole weight on at first. If there is a leak of any kind, this is going to do huge damage to your bag.

Simply apply a small amount of weight on the bag, such as your arm or your leg. Typically we like placing our foot on it and pressing lightly, to see if any beans fall out. If they do, simply find the leak and fix it!

If no beans fall out, slowly apply more and more weight until you are fully sitting on it. You want to do this slowly as the beans will be shifting around. Once you are fully on it, move it around and ensure that it has been filled to your liking. If you want more support, add more filling, or if you want it softer remove some of the filling. Once it has been reached you are all done and can enjoy your chair.

You see it wasn’t that hard! Best of luck with your refilling!

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