Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair Review

Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair Review

A stylish and fun furniture that you can add to your home is the bean bag chair. It will not only liven up any part of your home, it will also provide comfort and relaxation to users. It has a cuddly shape that has attracted many consumers which is why many consider it a permanent fixture in their home or apartment.

Choosing one can be difficult though due to the availability of so many brands and models. We will make selection easier for you by providing reviews. Here is one about the Sofa Sack Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair.

Sofa Sack Bean Bag Chair Features

  • Has soft and significantly durable fabric cover
  • Packed with soft, comfortable and long-lasting foam filling
  • Ideal for use in family rooms, dens and bedrooms
  • Comes in a nice range of colors and sizes
  • Measures 34″ h x 60″ w x 60″ d


When it comes to durability, the Sofa Sack bean bag chair makes an effort to provide this aspect by means of its double-stitched seams and soft, hard-wearing cover. You can use it in family rooms, bedrooms, the basement or even in your own home theater, as suggested by the company. The product is also composed of furniture-grade memory foam blend that promises to last long and perform well in order to provide comfort for its users.

The model is primarily designed to give comfort. One excellent component of the product is its cover. The outer cover is composed of an excellent-quality durable material that can tolerate a variety of situations and weather conditions.

It has an efficient fabric and the whole item is meant for indoor use only. The material is washable and it comes with a water-resistant feature so the foam contained inside the product is tucked within securely. In addition, the material comes in a round form so it can be modified according to the user’s posture.

The foam contained in this product is in fact different compared to other usual, run-of-the-mill bean bags because it is made of shredded foam. The qualities that make up shredded foam varies from other kinds.

This kind of stuffing has a soft quality to it and it provides an ultra-comfortable feel for its users. The consistent performance of the foam filling is sustained further by the material that is utilized in the product.

The material is held by means of a double-stitched feature in order to allow the product to endure different weights in an efficient manner. Moreover, the zipper built inside the bag is also very durable so it will withstand a long period of usage. It includes a zipper lock for child-safety purposes and prevents its contents from spilling out.

The product’s weight clocks in at around 45 pounds and it can be employed in different spots inside your home or apartment. It is also designed for kids’ use so it can be placed in family rooms, basements and dens.

Older bean bag chairs used to squeak or create noises and at times they had a tendency to rip so it would leave a trail of beans scattered in your home. Styrofoam bean fillings can also thin up and lose their fluffiness so you have to replace them after a time. However, with a foam filling like this one from Sofa Sack, the bean bag will provide excellent support and weight dispersion while maintaining its shape longer.

Bean bags with foam filling are super comfortable, portable and lightweight. Hence, they can be moved from one spot to another without hassle. It is one of the softest fillings for bean bags around and luckily this Sofa Sack model has foam as a stuffing.

Due to its longer-lasting properties and comfort, foam filling bean bags are a popular choice for consumers who not only want a decorative fixture, but prioritize comfort and support as well.


This particular model indeed displayed one drawback. While the zipper is an added bonus to the whole ensemble, it was secured rather too tightly. This scores negative points for ease of use. While this won’t be much of an issue, especially if you don’t use the zipper that much, this can be provided with improvements by the manufacturer itself.


The Sofa Sack Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair is a product you might want to check out if you are on the hunt for a model with a foam filling. It is super comfortable, has a nice size, gives good support and has a great design plus construction.

It is easily an all-around bean bag that everyone is sure to enjoy and envy. It will prove to be decorative in any part of your home, too, as it comes in an array of colors that can easily fit in and pop out at the same time.

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