The Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair Review

The Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair Review

After a long day on your feet, whether you are at school or at work, there is nothing better than the relaxing feeling of just sitting down. In order to have the best experience while sitting down, you need to fill your house with furniture and comfortable areas to relax.

You want something that is going to work for a family with various sizes in it, from a grown man, to a little kid: something for everyone to relax in.

While many people will be looking for couches and chairs, these are often very pricey, especially if you are looking for something just casual to use in a games or television room. This is why we recommend to you to purchase a bean bag chair. These chairs were extremely popular in the 1970s, but more and more they have become more popular in the present day.

There are so many brands of bean bag chairs. They all range in look, in price, and in features. It is hard to know which one is going to work the best for you if you do not put the time in to research the products online.

The first thing to look for in a bean bag chair is comfort. There is no use getting a bean bag chair that is not comfortable. You also want to find one that can fit young children, but is also large enough to fit an adult.

The lower end brands of bean bag chairs have not been stitched the greatest, and therefore it is more likely for them to go down in size. This is why we only recommend high quality brands to you. You also should find one in a variety of colors, so you have options to choose from.

Today we are going to be reviewing the Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair, one of the most popular ones available on Amazon right now (for the direct link, view the top of the article). This bean bag chair is competitively priced and has a lot to offer you. It is our hope that by going through it, you can determine whether it is the one you want to buy.

The Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair Features

The Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair is equipped with a lot of features to make it one of the best bean bag chairs on the market right now. First off, it is available in a variety of colors that range from elf green, to bright pink, to a yellow color, ensuring that there will be something with a fantastic look.

This has been uniquely designed because it is filled with UltimaX Beans, which are very unique bean bag beans, ensuring that there will be a lot of comfort when you sit on it. When you lay down on it, it has the ability to envelope you completely to give you the most comfort possible. However, it is not too soft, and still provides firm support when you need it the most.

It has been double stitched and also double zippered to provide added strength, and that no beans will spill out ever. There is also a back and arm rest to provide added support for regions that you need it most.

Once this bag is filled up with beans, it measures 32 by 25 by 28 inches.


  • Fantastic colors to choose from
  • Not too soft, still offering a lot of support
  • Plenty of room for any young children
  • Very cozy
  • Comes with both arm and head rests
  • Double stiched


  • Will have to buy new beans after the first year; it definitely contracts down

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the purchase of a bean bag chair comes down to personal preference. That being said, we think the Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair is one of the best bean bag chairs that you can purchase.

It has fantastic colors that really pop, and it still offers a lot of support if you have any back issues. There is plenty of room on the chair for any young children and it is very cozy to sit in. We highly recommend!

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