The Different Kinds of Bean Bag Chairs

The Different Kinds of Bean Bag Chairs

You will notice many homes have stocked up on bean bag chairs and these fun fixtures can be found in certain parts of the home. You will see them mostly in family rooms, entertainment rooms and bedrooms. Are bean bags comfortable to sit on?

Yes, in fact it is the chief reason why a lot of consumers have invested in these enjoyable pieces to decorate their homes. The bean bag is a kind of furniture that is composed of particular soft materials with fillings contained inside. The bean bag chair goes along with the user’s body contours as soon as he or she sits on it.

The bean bag is a fast and versatile way to furnish any room inside your house or apartment. There are a great variety of styles made for the item—there are models that feature arm rests while some function in the same manner as an ottoman. One concept behind this furniture is to produce a chic yet fun fixture that can be moveable.

We are quite familiar with the workings of hefty furniture pieces and we at times find them a hassle to move from one spot to another. Hence the design of the bean bag has been appreciated by many because it provides lots of convenience for its users.

Are bean bags comfortable for kids? The comfort they bring is positive because they conform to the body shape of their users, regardless of the user’s age. Contemporary bean bags have head areas that are not touted as a feature but as a significant part of the bean bag.

At this time, you will see that there is a wide variety of colors and styles for this kind of furniture. This is due to the fact that there are stronger materials available that companies can use in their products which are easier to clean and maintain.

You will also find more and more bean bags in darker colors since they do not display as many stains and spots compared to ones made with lighter shades. If you are eco-conscious and are after products that are friendly to the environment, there are also organic bean bags available.

Environment-friendly bean bags are products that are practical and a necessity for some consumers. They are made from organic materials and they are also more affordable compared to standard bean bags. The fillings come from recycled materials like plastics and other related items. The covers of these bags are machine-washable and removable too, like ordinary bean bags.

There was a time when bean bags only came in sizes that will fit a single person but these days there are available bigger sizes that can fit two, even three individuals. To find out more about these items, here are some of the different types of bean bags.

  • Children’s bean bags

This type often has sizes from small to medium and is meant for kids’ use only. It has dimensions that begin at roughly 110-120 inches.

  • Teen (Large) bean bags

This is the kind intended for teens’ use or children who need something a bit bigger for growth. It has a standard dimension of approximately 130-140 inches.

  • Extra-Large bean bags

This is the type that is meant to fit adult bodies. It has a standard dimension of 140-150 inches.

  • Double Extra-Large bean bags

This kind is the biggest among bean bags and they will comfortably fit adults who are over 6 ft. tall. It normally features a dimension of 170-180 inches.

Fillings for Bean Bags

If we are talking about bean bags, we have to discuss the different types of bean bag fillings as well.

  • Foam stuffing (shredded)

The shredded foam kind is usually made from polyurethane foam which also serves as some sort of padding for the bag.

  • Polystyrene

Bead fillings that are made from polystyrene tend to move about easily which is why lots of consumers are into this filling. It is completely lightweight and has the capability to provide users the comfort they need in any position they prefer.

  • Organic

This is for eco-conscious bean bag types and the fillings range from rice, dried beans and other related materials. This is also a traditional kind of stuffing for bean bags.

  • Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous or mixed fillers are stuffing that are composed of two or more varieties of fillings. Are bean bags comfortable? In order to achieve this, you have to select a stuffing that will significantly suit your needs and preferences.

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