What to Fill Bean Bags With

What to Fill Bean Bags With

We all lead busy lives don’t we? We all work tirelessly throughout the week to make our way in this world and to provide enough for our friends and especially our family. With all the work we are doing, we deserve some time to find a place around the house to rest easily. This is where we come in! Lately, we have been trying to find some of the comfiest furniture you can have around the house.

What good is a house if there is nowhere around that is comfy to sit on? This is why it is integral to look for furniture that is going to uplift you and provide the comfort and support you need. One of these pieces of furniture that people often overlook is the bean bag chair.

Really? A Bean Bag Chair?

Yes, you read that correctly! A bean bag chair is one the comfiest things you can buy, especially if you find one that provides an added layer of foam. There are so many options of bean bag chairs available for purchase, that it can be tricky to find one that is going to work the best for you. However, once you have made your purchase, it is integral to upkeep your bean bag chair so it always feels like new.

With any piece of furniture, if you do not take care of it, over time it simply is not going to work the greatest. Today we are going to be covering all aspects of having a bean bag chair, but most importantly what you should be filling your bean bag chairs with.

What Should You Be Filling Your Bean Bag Chair With?

For the most part, especially if you are purchasing a bean bag online, you are going to be buying a chair that is not fully filled up yet. Here comes the predicament: what should you be filling your bean bag chair with?

Most sets come with the things to fill on the inside, but if you want to revamp your chair and keep it good as new, once a year you should take the time to empty it and refill it with new products. There are plenty of options for what to fill a bean bag with and we are going to go through them all.

Option 1- BEANS

This is the most obvious answer, but you would be surprised at how many people are surprised by this. Yes, for the most part, bean bags are filled with beans. Obviously hard ones, but they are beans none the less.

This provides added support within the chair and they are easy to place inside, and also easy to buy. There are plenty of beans created specially for bean bags, and you can purchase them online. If you do not want to use beans, lentils are also a great alternative, as they have the same sort of structure and shape.

Option 2- FOAM

If you want to really enhance the feeling of your bean bag chair, and have one that is much plusher, then you are going to want to fill it with foam. What we recommend is that you buy some foam, tear it into pieces and put it into the bean bag. This will allow you to sink more into the chair, rather than having it be too hard.

Option 3- The Best Option- BOTH

The best kind of bean bag chairs are the ones that are very soft but also have enough support necessary to give your back some relief. This is why we recommend you fill your bean bags with both beans and memory foam.

This is going to ensure you have the best chair possible, and this is going to really help with your overall experience in the chair. On most bean bag chairs, it is going to say what capacity they are and how many beans to put in, so it is going to be a lot easier for you.


We wish you all the best with your new bean bag chair and hope that you now feel comfortable knowing what to fill it with. Happy lounging around the house and taking naps on your chair!

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